The Footballers EVP

I’ve decided when I get an evp that just stands out, I’m going to upload it right away. This one certainly stands out. It was recorded two nights ago in our bedroom. If you want to be specific it was 3:50 AM. I’m not going into a lot of detail but I was recording one of the sessions of my wife snoring (see earlier posts). She had stopped snoring and this was in the 50 seconds of silence between the last snore and when she started snoring again.

 its your hellish love affair WEB

Here is the looped, cleaned up version below.

 its your hellish love affair CLEAN WEB

I’m not sure what they are saying but it sounds like a bunch of rowdy men at a football (soccer) or rugby game chanting something about an eternal or hellish love affair. It depends on what I am listening with but love affair is easy to hear. The first part to me sounds like hellish or eternal. Whatever it is they weren’t chanting it in our bedroom at ten of four in the morning.

For those of you who want to keep me honest the extended version with the snoring at the beginning and end of the evp is on the next page. That will keep the pages loading faster. If you have been on the site before you know I normally have some type of reference before and after the evp. In this case it is 50 seconds since I was being quiet and my wife wasn’t snoring, for once. Just don’t tell her I said that. Click on page 2 below “related posts”. You can hear several evps throughout the clip that I haven’t analyzed yet. This one is almost at the end of the third large sound wave you can see.
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I have had a lot of success capturing evps when there is background noise. I have been experimenting with different types of noise sources to see if some provide better evps than others. I have been doing white noise and brown noise and other sources other people use. I’ve also been using some not so “traditional” types of background noise. My wife is a rather prolific snorer, so with her permission I have done some recordings of her snoring. She can sleep through just about anything but my speaking wakes her up. Due to that I haven’t been asking any questions, just thinking and recording. That kind of makes it a telepathy/evp/background noise in one test. I have gotten evps actually in the snoring but I’ve gotten more in between the snores. This is one of those.

If you have listened to other evp recordings of mine you will know I try to frame the evp recording with my questions or statements as a reference. These are framed by snoring. I will tell you it is hard to hear on this but the following recordings make it much more clear. This was recorded in our bedroom about 2:15 AM. There was no one else in the home except for our sleeping German Shepherd and it was a very quiet night. So without further ado, here is my wife snoring with an evp in the middle.

 hoping you will barbeque up there in middle WEB

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A New Type of EVP

I have been doing a lot of experimenting over the last several months. In early June I was listening to playback of a recording I made when I caught the sound of a voice in a noise that I could hear in real time. There were other evps in that recording but this stood out because I knew that if I could replicate it, I may be able to find other ways to communicate with whomever or whatever it is that creates evps. I’ll explain more in a series of much longer posts. My question to you is, can you hear it?

 can you hear it CLEAN WEB

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Theoretical EVPs

For the record, I do have my wife’s permission to do these recordings and post them. I mention that because you get to hear her snore on one of these recordings. In fact to eliminate the suspense, it is this one right here.

 it’s a Bosch unit, James Barry your theory in middle WEB

If you have really good ears or are industrious and copied that and did analysis on it you know there are 2 evps in between her two snores. If you just read that you also know it but you’ll want to head to page 2 down below the “Share This” links to read and hear the full story. I know it is a pain but with all of the audio files on here it makes the site load a lot more quickly. Digiprove sealCopyright protected by Digiprove © 2015 Jay Barry