Two Bits of an EVP

I was being filmed the other day while trying to relay a message to a little girl who is frequently seen in a building. While in the building we kept hearing a lot of knocking noises. I did the logical thing and this is the recording of that as I recorded it. 

Right after I say “finish that” on the recording I isolated this 

When I first heard it I thought it said “two bits”, which is the classic reply to the knocking pattern I made of shave and a haircut. To make it easier to hear I amplified the section and repeated it and to my ears, it sounds more like two pints. This could be an interesting reply considering the location used to be a hotel and taproom.

When I amplify the reply to my knocking and question, it sounds like this. 

Maybe they have an accent, maybe they wanted another couple pints or are Sweeney Todd fans but it sounds pretty much like an intelligent response to me.

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Elmer Fudd’s Backwards EVP

One of the things that never ceases to amaze me about evps is the number of them that I record that are backwards. A few years ago I was analyzing data from an investigation and I kept listening to one segment trying to figure it out. It kind of sounded like this but even weirder. I recorded this one at home the other night February 24, 2014. 

I am far from being an audio engineer but I did figure out how to reverse the file I was listening to and it made sense after I reversed it. So now when I hear something as loud as this during an investigation and can’t figure it out, I reverse it. This is the original clip before I isolated it or reversed it. You can hear the evp right after I say, “communications”. 

When you play it like in the opening clip, it sounds like a voice but doesn’t make any sense. When you reverse it,it sounds like this. 

To my ears,  it sounds like Elmer Fudd was standing behind my couch saying, “what a beautiful mess”. This is the same clip repeated so you may be able to hear it a little better. 

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Seven Lost EVPs from Gettysburg

I’ve had a lot going on that has kept me from posting anything lately. I just wanted to do a quick post and let you know there is a lot more coming.

When we were on top of Devil’s Den it was pretty windy and I was concerned that I might not be able to record anything worthwhile. I couldn’t have been more wrong. This is a quick example of the quality of evps I recorded. The potential meaning and ramifications of this recording will be pretty obvious to anyone who knows the history of Gettysburg. 

This is the same clip repeated for easier listening. 

This is the clip where I was speaking and the evp was recorded. You can hear the evp right after I say, “if you spoke to me”. The only person on Devil’s Den at the time was filming me and she wasn’t speaking. 

I will be posting more very soon. Feel free to leave a message and thanks for being here.

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The EVP That Thought I was Insistent

The other night I decided to take a break from Gettysburg related audio so I did a 2 minute evp session at home. In this clip you can hear me saying what I was planning on doing. The evp is in the middle of the clip and you can hear it talking over me around the point when I say “couple questions”. 

This is the isolated clip of the evp 

I didn’t really feel like I was being insistent but here is the repeated clip so you can hear it. 

At the time I recorded this my wife and dog were asleep and I was the only male in the house. I can’t explain this. Can you?

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Gettysburg EVP After Being Shot

When we were filming at Gettysburg I had a rare occurrence. I got a headache for about three seconds. Without thinking about where I was, my first thought was it felt like I had been shot in my eye. We were in Devil’s Den at the time. I usually ask whatever pops into my head so this is what I asked 

Almost immediately after asking, “did someone get shot in their head, here?” you can hear the reply. It is in the recording above but this is the isolated version. 

This is the evp repeated to be more easily heard 

I was talking to my buddy Ralph the other day and he was saying he is interested in what I’m doing but has a little difficulty understanding what is being said. So for Ralph, here is the same segment repeated and amplified. If you still can’t make it out, the evp says, “Kenneth, I was just shot”. 

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Devil’s Den EVPs

I am still analyzing audio from my last visit to Gettysburg. I know it has been a little while since I posted anything on here so I’m taking a short break from everything else that is going on to share these. These were recorded while I was being filmed. The only person with me was the film maker whose voice doesn’t sound like these plus she wasn’t speaking when these were recorded.

I don’t suffer from headaches but for a very brief moment while in Devil’s Den, I had what I described at the time as a pain like a shot just above my left eye. This is the full audio clip. In it, you will hear me ask, “did you just give me that headache” which is immediately followed by two evps. One is pretty apparent and the other isn’t. 

The more difficult to hear evp is almost talking over me and sounds like “gave it” or “gave you”. 

Here it is repeated 

After that a second voice, much more easily heard, possibly with a bit of a southern twang says this 

In case you couldn’t make it out, here is the looped recording of the same evp. 

Were these voices saying they gave the headache to me and they weren’t as focused as I am? I don’t know. Some of the evps I will be sharing from Gettysburg certainly seem to be answering questions I had asked. More evps from Gettysburg and elsewhere will be posted soon.

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Got Killed Civil War EVP

I did some quick evp sessions at Gettysburg Battlefield on Monday. I will be sharing more as time allows since I got a lot but I wanted to post this when I heard it. While this was being recorded I was also being filmed for a documentary so I will be analyzing the video at some point to see if there were any evps on it too. You will hear me ask,”were you wounded here?”. The evp is immediately after I end my question. 

When isolated, it is pretty clear the answer was, “got killed”. 

This is the evp clip repeated 

I will be posting many more evps from Gettysburg soon.

This EVP Sounds Like Me

This evp sounds like me. 

It was recorded in a parking lot while I was being filmed doing an evp session in a car. We were supposed to be in a building but the plans got messed up. The people filming and I had both traveled some distance to get there so we did an impromptu evp session in a car. I got a bunch of evps. This is the last one I got and I almost missed it doing analysis because it sounds so much like me. This is the evp, as captured, in between the end of a spirit box session and me speaking. If you have never heard a spirit box you will hear what sounds like a bunch of syncopated static, then the evp and then me saying, “um,alright, I think we’re going to knock this off”. 

I keep listening to it over and over and have finally determined it isn’t me for one main reason. I don’t know what it is saying. It sounds like “I want a surprise how can you do with the answering”. I’m not sure what it means and I wouldn’t have said it. This is the recording repeated. 

We’re filming me doing evp sessions at Gettysburg tomorrow. I still have thousands of voices to share from earlier sessions and there will be a bunch more coming soon. I just wanted to share this one due to the clarity of it.

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Four EVPs That Left Me Scratching My Head

Despite what I am doing with evp and some of the things I have accomplished in a very experimental field of communication, I will be the first to admit that what I’m doing is strange. That being said, what I am about to share is really strange. These were recorded just after midnight on New Year’s Eve 2013/2014 beginning at 12:07 AM 2014. The entire session was two minutes, 31 seconds long and yielded 36 unique evps. My wife was sitting beside me and the dog was at our feet. I got a couple evps with my name, which I have almost come to expect. I got some that aren’t easily heard, a couple that may be pertinent and some that don’t make any sense. I recorded evps in both normal recording mode and during a quick spirit box session. And I got these four that you can easily hear. If you know what they mean or who they were about let me know. I’ll go from least weird to strangest.

All four of these were recorded while I was doing a spirit box session. Given the length of these evps there is no way it was from one radio station. The spirit box was sweeping at 100ms in reverse. The recording was made on an Olympus NV 3100. All of the clips tonight are repeated for ease of listening.

I have met one person in my life named Molly. She is married to a good friend and I don’t think this is who they are asking about, particularly since the person answering sounds like a guy. Possibly a pissed off guy. 

The next evp is kind of nice, I think. Or maybe it is just nonsense. To me it sounds like “if this dream inspires, helping you do what you do”. I’d like to think it was directed at me to help with my evp research. If not, it is still a good example of an evp. 

Okay, here comes weird. This is how this sounds as originally recorded. Don’t put too much effort into deciphering it since I already did that for you. Just give it a listen and you’ll quickly discern it sounds like a voice but one that makes no sense. 

I finally copied the clip you just listened to into a new audio player and reversed it. What sounded like gibberish before now sounds like “I want to listen to you and walk with you”. It is a nice, sweet sentiment but I know neither my wife nor I can speak backwards and the dog’s voice is a little deeper, so I have no idea who this is. 

And now for the evp that takes the weird cake (you didn’t skip ahead,did you?). To my ears this sounds like it should be from a B gangster movie. The weird part is after hearing this I looked up the the Velasquez Institute and there is one. I’m in Lancaster,PA and it is in Chicago and I have no connections to it but I caught this in my living room. There is foul language in this evp so if you are easily offended, please move on. 

It is a little tough to make out since he talks fast but I hear, “who uttered the wrong question tonight about that fucking institute of Velasquez you have to talk to me”. Check back for more evps from my living room, paranormal investigations and the other side.


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Happy EVP New Year

Last night was New Year’s Eve and I decided to do a quick evp/Spirit Box session in the hopes of getting a pertinent, intelligent New Year’s wish from the voices I record. I recorded this at home. The only beings with me were my wife and German Shepherd, Ilsa. I got some really interesting evps in a two minute and thirty second session but the one I hoped for was at the very end. I said Happy New Year and this is what I got in reply. 

This is the clip with me saying happy new year and the evp almost begins speaking before I end my good wishes. 

This is the evp looped 

Just remember, as the evp said, “any year is cool”. I will be sharing more of the evps I got during this session in a later post.

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