Firemen Cooking EVP

At one time part of our home was a fire station. I regularly smell smoke and ashes. A couple other people have noticed it too. The other night I smelled it while doing some laundry so I asked about it. This is the recording of me asking and the evp reply at the end. Both my wife and the dog were in bed at the time and I was actually recording in the closed guest bath. I was using a Zoom H2 recorder and played recorded rain for white noise. The recordings pretty much tell the rest of this story.

 I don't know I'm still at the firehouse cooking 4 1 at end

This is the isolated evp

 I don't know I'm still at the firehouse cooking 4 1

This is the isolated evp looped and amplified

 I don't know I'm still at the firehouse cooking 4 1 A&R

To sum this brief post up, I was recording alone in the closed guest bathroom in the middle of a warehouse. It was quiet and I was isolated. I asked about smoke or ash smells I had experienced earlier that night while doing laundry. I have recorded other evps about the firefighters who were here 140 years ago. Immediately after I asked I got a response about cooking at the fire hall. I believe it has been said before but I am just the messenger. So there is your message for tonight.

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The “Accept the Paranormal” EVP

I was backing up audio files not too long ago. I now have tens of thousands of evp files. With that many there are still many evps that stand out in my mind. This one is joining the standout list. I recorded this one on July 28, 2014 at home.

 accept the paranormal

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Another Road Trip EVP

If you read my last post you know that I get evps in cars while alone. This is another one recorded on the way home from a visit with the daughter and granddaughter. I was by myself, recording on an Olympus VN-3100 recorder on US Rt. 1 in southern Chester County, PA.

There was a fairly lengthy segment where I wasn’t speaking and this evp was right before I made a comment about the driver of a pickup truck.

 we’re there for Jay before Jay

The evp was right before I asked, “who were we following that was pissing me off”? This is the isolated evp

 we’re there for Jay

This is the evp looped to make it easier to hear.

 we’re there for Jay R

I’m not exactly sure why they’re here for me but I think it is a positive thing.

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Road Trippin’ EVPs

One of the oddest things I have discovered is I get really good evps in cars. It kind of shoots a lot of holes in theories about trapped souls but that is probably another post, or two. Anyway, I get evps wherever I go and many times it is obvious that they are the same voices speaking, which implies they travel with me at will.

Yesterday I visited our daughter and first grandchild. I took my wife who stayed for a couple days and came home alone. On the way back I asked a couple questions to my voice recorder while cruising down Rt. 1 in very light traffic. These are heard better with audio aids due to the road noise but can still be made out with the naked ear.

The first question ended in me saying, “who we visited today” followed by the evp. See if you can make out the 2 names immediately after I say today.

 Livia and Laura at end

This is the isolated evp.

 Livia and Laura

This is the evp looped to make it more easily heard.

 Livia and Laura R

The granddaughter’s name is Livia and the daughter is Laura. It sounds like another correct answer for the voices who speak to the EVP Magnet.

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