Almost since the invention of electronic recording devices, on playback, people have discovered recorded sounds or voices that were not made during the recording session. These have come to be known as Electronic Voice Phenomenon or EVPs.

A magnet, loosely defined, is something that attracts.

I am the EVP Magnet.

Most EVPs are more easily heard using headphones or earbuds. All EVPs are shared as recorded except for length. All recordings have been made with either an Olympus VN 3100, Olympus VN 4100pc, Olympus WS 801 or a Zoom H1 audio recorder. My videos are shot on a Sony DCR-DVR 610.

 I am young because he’s God

This EVP was recorded during an investigation of the Leesport Lockhouse in Leesport, PA February of 2012. I was in the room with another investigator and neither of us were speaking when I captured what sounds like, “I am young because he’s God”
I have thousands more evps I have recorded that I will be sharing as time allows. Feel free to leave comments on the site or contact me via the form below. A lot of things come before this so I make no promises of a personal reply to emails but thanks for your interest.

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